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Anonymous asked:

Heyyah. Just wondering if you know which episode the pictures in the post where Dean and cas are staring angrily at each other - you just reblogged it. I can't post the link here but if you know, I'd be grateful. Thank you, sweets <3

That’s in season 5, dear. The episode’s called, ‘Point of no Return’.  :)  <3

You’re welcome.




re: Castiel seeing Dean as a “monster”, I think that:

1) This is indicative of the kind of person Dean has become and the kind of things he has done since he became a demon, and Cas can’t //believe// that this man could possibly be the same man as the one he risked everything…

Despite not seeing the spoiler, you’re pretty much spot on IMO :P

In 9x23, Cas was hurting after hearing that Dean was dead, so he declares that he “just wants to be an angel”, i.e. “Humanity has brought me nothing but pain, and I want to go back to being an emotionless droid”

Likewise, Cas has a history of flying away or running when things get too upsetting/painful for him to deal with. The guy hates dealing with sadness or conflict or any and all overwhelming negative feelings, so his general approach to dealing with it is to 1) distance himself from the situation, and 2) simplify the issue into a choice between A and B (black and white thinking) so that the decision is easier for him to make.

And that seems to be what he’s doing here. He’s trying to rationalise & simplify a very complex situation, primarily because he’s upset and doesn’t know how to deal with it in any other way, so he’s trying to see Dean as just another evil creature, and therefore Dean needs to be “taken care of” in the same way that all other evil creatures are taken care of.

Ah, Dean and Cas are pretty alike when it comes to the bolded part I think :)

Yes - agree with everything here!

Worst Fear About the Supernatural Musical Episode








Someone’s going to sing that godawful Celine Dion song.


And we don’t have Balthazar to fix it any more so this quite possibly could happen.

This. This is how Balthy comes back.

Headcannon accepted

File:Head canon accepted.gif

and now we all want that godawful song in the episode

just imagine it starting to play though, and before anyone can sing a single note, Balthazar just comes in like 


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